• Who is eligible? Boys 15 and older.
  • What does the trip cost? the current summer trip to Alaska is $2800. We offer a 20% discount for U.S. military families. A $1500 deposit is due at registration.
  • What is included? Membership covers round-trip transportation from DC to Anchorage, AK; all transportation while in Alaska (including bush-flight from McCarthy); all meals; group equipment (with the exception of personal gear); instruction by experienced guides; all equipment and guide fees for fishing.
  • Is it safe to travel in bear country? Absolutely, but there is always a certain amount of risk when entering bear habitat. The vast majority of bears wish to stay far away from humans and will do so if given the opportunity.
  • What do I need to bring? AWOC provides all group gear including tents, stoves, fuel, cooking gear, maps and compasses, first aid kits, satellite phone, bear spray and bear-proof canisters. Each student is responsible for bringing his own backpack, boots, sleeping bag, and personal gear – see the separate equipment checklist page.
  • Why are you called a club? Because we do not advertise or accept students from beyond our immediate community and because we lead only a single expedition per year, AWOC is designated a club rather than a business. Legally we are constituted as a limited liability corporation, but we function more as a club than a business.

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